Fish Cakes and Friends

It would be too easy to say that I have lost faith in humanity after this holiday season. A cliché, right? Still, the sound of car horn blasts and rude rantings of families shopping together (a regular slow death, if you ask me) ring in my ears. So, I will refrain from putting down the masses. Right now, I am thinking of a quote in which someone said “A person is smart, people are stupid.” Maybe it was in a movie…I don’t know. 
Anyway, these past months have been pure Hell. Well, that’s an exaggeration. I have moved into my own man cave. And my son visits me every week. At first, he was saddened by the fact that his mother and I split. Over the past few weeks he’s come to grips with it in his own 12 year old way. He’s also playing latent matchmaker between me and the woman who lives downstairs. She’s Italian. My son thinks her accent is “cool.” If only it was that easy…
My life has changed, and in ways it’s gone back to the way it was before; namely, single and writing again. The holidays took up a good chunk of time. But thanks to a few insightful friends I have worked out some kinks in this novel I am writing. It’s good to have friends. They don’t have to be book nerds or some kind of nefarious literati. I  have found that I can run an idea past anyone and those who aren’t in the trade, so to speak, never over-analyze and they are usually right on the money. Eggheads like me and my kind? We tend to garble everything. At any rate, my latest book progresses…
I am bummed out, however. I went to my supermarket the other day. When did frozen food companies quit manufacturing fish cakes? Is it some vast conspiracy? Or do I need to find a better supermarket? Questions…

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