Brand Spanking New: Little Flower of Luzon

Ok, so maybe it’s not brand-spanking new. My baby is a week old in print (and available on Kindle too!). This novel of mine was a labor of love from start to finish, through several drafts. The premise is as follows:

In Little Flower of Luzon, Felix Hart always maintained troublesome relationships with women. So when he meets Malaya “Memeng” Cortazar, a beautiful Filipina teen, he thinks his relationship problems are solved. Felix becomes consumed by Memeng who is half his age.

As he courts the young Filipina, Felix encounters several obstacles, including his overbearing mother, his pop-psychology-spouting older brother, and his meddlesome ex-girlfriend.

Memeng and Felix are sure of the connection they share, but their bond is threatened when they discover her late mother’s family secret.

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