Day 15: Tupelo Press 30/30 Project


Over at the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project we are half-way through the month.

Please donate today. Stop by and enjoy the poetry. But please donate today! One dollar, two dollars, ten dollars, whatever you can give.

Mention a poet whose work you like in the comments section on the Donation Page. And be sure to leave your email address. When you do both, one of us poets can send you a personal note of thanks.

Some of us are giving away free gifts. Buy a $99 subscription to Tupelo Press for 9 books, and I will send the first 10 people who do so poetry postcards and original artwork on paper. If you are one of the first three individuals or groups who donate $250 or more, I will send you an original painting and three poetry post cards. More info on gifts I am offering for donations can be found here.

Below is my offering for Day 15:

A Declaration of War

They’re coming for
your guns.

They’re coming for
your uteri.

They’re coming for
your choice.

They’re coming for
your privacy.

They’re coming for
your sexual preference.

They’re coming for
your mind.

Let them come.

I’ve got something for
their freedom-sucking asses.

My lawn is
laced with truth mines.

From my fortified position

I can toss love
bombs all day long.

At night,
tracer rounds of verse

will light up the landscape
like fireflies.

Let them come.

Author: obrienwriter

I write stuff, fiction mostly.

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