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Red Seven: A Novel in Search of a Home

When it comes to self-promotion, I tend to be a bit shy in that respect. I suppose such an admission is an anathema to publishers everywhere. So, in an effort to change that, I am writing with the hope that you, dear reader, will hop on over to Amazon and view my latest campaign, Red Seven, in the Kindle Scout arena.

Here’s a synopsis:

Police invade the home of Professor Kevin Burch, and charge him with domestic terrorism. His crime?Attending a rally denouncing the election of an American president bent on stripping away liberty and redefining what it means to be patriotic. Burch gets shipped to an internment camp where he witnesses the systematic eradication of falsely charged men like him. When  he is transferred to a “reintegration camp,” Burch meets his torturer and the real trouble begins.

If you’re into science fiction and alternate history in the vein of The Man in the High Castle or Nineteen Eighty-four, you will enjoy the sample. Also, if my novel gets picked up by Amazon you receive a free Kindle copy as away of thanks for nominating me.

Thank you for taking time to read my shameless self-promotion. Happy writing!



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