The People’s Republic of New Arkaim: New Release

My latest book is The People’s Republic of New Arkaim available now at Amazon. You can sample a portion of my book by clicking on the cover image link below.

Here’s the short summary:

An aging, ailing American veteran gets called back into the army, travels to a parallel world, and falls in love with the cultural hero of a Soviet colony there where the citizens are clueless about the USSR’s collapse back on Earth decades ago.

And that’s the least of his problems…

I like to think of this tale as the love child of Joseph Heller and Kurt Vonnegut. Maybe you will too.

Other major online retailers will have the book available later this week. I’m also hoping for a placement for the eBook version with library apps like Hoopla, etc.

You can read the first eight chapters for free. No fooling. Free! Just Click on the cover below:

Author: obrienwriter

I write stuff, fiction mostly.

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