Behind the Black Door: Dreams and Story-writing

Last night, I dreamed I had suffered a stroke that left me unable to speak and with only limited use of my left side. Having already suffered a TIA almost a decade go, you'd think I would take the dream as a warning. I didn't. Dreams, as we know, rarely mean what they portray. In … Continue reading Behind the Black Door: Dreams and Story-writing

Stephen King Strikes (Out) Again

So, the day after the eclipse I sat in my living room thinking about what to read before dinner. Currently, I'm reading John Barth's The Sot-weed Factor. But I wasn't in the mood for Ebenezer Cooke's foppish shenanigans. That is not to say that I am not enjoying Barth's novel. I am. It's great. If … Continue reading Stephen King Strikes (Out) Again