The Great Big Free Giveaway Endeth

This past week the Kindle edition of my novel Little Flower of Luzon was offered for free on The response exceeded my expectations, and for that I am grateful. Little Flower of Luzon is also available in trade paperback for those readers, like me, who have yet to catch up to the rest of the world, or, again like me, simply relish the feeling of a physical book in their hands.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, it is my hope that those who took advantage of the free Kindle copy giveaway, as well as those who paid for my book before the promotion and after it, will be kind enough to leave me reviews on Amazon. Of course, promoting one’s own book is a tedious affair. And I know that this only the beginning.

So, my next step is to find as many people as I can to write reviews on their blogs, web sites, etc to further garner interested for my novel. If you are interested let me know by leaving a note in the comments section or email via my profile.

Now, I’d like to go on about Little Flower of Luzon, the incredible response I had to the Kindle edition free promo, and the enthusiasm everyone shared with me; but, alas, I am working on another novel now so I must go.

Until next time…


What a Wonderful, Strange Trip It May Be


On Monday, the Kindle edition of my novel Little Flower of Luzon was available for free download at Today is Thursday and the response has surpassed by initial expectations. And for that I am grateful beyond all measure.

The model I envision is this: a certain percentage of those who download my novel for free may leave a review on Those reviews can be favorable or not (I admit that I have purchased books despite negative reviews). Of those total number of people I am banking on each one perhaps telling friends, family, coworkers, reading groups, etc about my book. And again a certain percentage of those who hear by word of mouth may in turn purchase my book (Kindle e-book or trade paperback). Or at least I hope so.

So, if you are out there and you are looking for a good free read and you have a Kindle device you can download my novel right now. If you don’t have a Kindle then you can download the Kindle Reader app at for your laptop, your desktop, or even your iPhone and read my book. And if you do I implore you to please leave an unbiased, honest review at in the future.

Of course, if your like me and love the feel of a physical book in your hand then you can purchase Little Flower of Luzon in trade paperback. And if you do I will be in your debt.

The free download ends Friday night at 11:59pm. Or, if is slow to update their systems, you might sneak by shortly after midnight.

I would like to thank everyone who has downloaded a free Kindle edition so far, and I encourage everyone to do so. Originally, my goal was to have 100 readers download my novel. As of this writing, nearly 200 readers have downloaded the free Kindle edition.

My limited advertising thus far has been on Facebook, Twitter (follow me @obrienwriter), and of course here in my humble blog. Next month, I hope to step up my advertising through other avenues. For now, I am content to know that nearly 200 people have downloaded Little Flower of Luzon. If they tell two people and so forth and so on, then who knows what wonderful, strange trip this may turn out to be.

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