(Updated 3/22/2017) A few of my tales available online for free:

Saul Pinsky & the Queen of Light

Published at Duende,  is the all-online literary journal of the BFA in Writing degree-track at Goddard College. “Saul Pinsky & the Queen Light” is a story set in the Fairview section of Camden (where I lived until the end of 5th grade). I had in mind a cycle of stories from that place and era. “Saul Pinsky & the Queen Light” was the first one I wrote.

Bastard After Dark

Published online at The Del Sol Review in Issue #22. “Bastard After Dark” is a flash fiction piece about what happens when a condescending student focuses his attention on the wrong adjunct professor.

The Statistical Probability of Breaking into Houses While Dreaming

Published online at Section 8 Magazine, “The Statistical Probability of Breaking Into Houses While Dreaming” is one man’s story of bringing things back from the dream world that do not belong to him.

Black Feathers

A short tale about one man’s fear of heights and the peculiar therapist who helps him get over his phobia. Many thanks to The J.J. Outre Review for publishing my story.

Alley Dogs

The first story published from a cycle of stories I’ve written set in my childhood home of the Fairview section of Camden, NJ. In Alley Dogs, young Tommy Grady finds out that his neighbor’s been hiding something in his backyard. Be sure to check out Two Cities Review. They are publishing some wonderful work.

Red Flags

A flash fiction tale that appeared in Flashes in the Dark about an interview gone horribly wrong.


A science fiction story published at Encounters MagazineThey look human, they act human, and they love like a human. Where’s the downside in that?


Appeared in Sex and Murder Magazine (Issue 18). Two buddies pick up a young female hitchhiker in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. If you’re still unsure about why you should never pick up hitchhikers, then this tale ought to set you straight.

Anthologies and others (some for free; others not for free):

From the Journals of Hehnir Aji

This story appeared in Far Off Place’s Epistolary Edition.

In the far future, the world is much different. Hehnir’s journal chronicles fragments of forgotten knowledge along with his own struggle to reunite with his wife.

The magazine is relatively new. Show your support by purchasing a copy of The Epistolary Edition (Vol. III, Issue II).

610 Vicious Circle

Greta and Steven have just moved into the most horrorifying cul-de-sac in the world. On the surface, everything is looking up for this couple. Nice home, good jobs, and a newborn daughter. Now if Steven can just figure out what’s knocking around in a broom closet everything would be great…

Vicious Circle: Season One was published as e-book anthologies (Episodes 1-5, 6-10, 11-14) by Sinister Grin Press. They are available on Amazon for .99 a piece (or free for Kindle Unlimited customers).

Dark Jack’s Comeback

Appeared in Disturbed Digest’s Issue 8 along with some other good work in the way of stories, poems, and artwork.

“The first one’s always the hardest…” 

A young man returns home for a high school reunion and learns that the old Burroughs cabin in the woods, once a hotspot for paranormal activity and teen dares, is now gone…or maybe it’s not…

38 Jars

Appeared in Dark Moon Digest Presents: Ghosts (Dark Moon Digest Special Edition). Gilbert Grant flips houses for a living, and he soon learns that some houses are better left alone.

I’m Not Stanislaw

Appeared in 13Horror (Volume 3). A man learns that there are things worse than death after he and his wife are separated.


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