Stay Dead Like a Good Boy, Dark Moon Digest (Issue 35), Spring 2019

The Aleph Café, Hypnopomp (Issue 6), October 2018

Queens of the Judas Tree and Black Feathers (ebook)

Strange Bird and Two Other Horror Tales (ebook)

Strange Bird and Two Other Horror Tales (print version)

The Slade Transmutation, Pulp Literature (Issue 19), Summer 2018

Dominion Over Abaddon, Weirdbook Magazine, May 2018

Bastard After Dark, The Del Sol Review, September 2017

Saul Pinsky and the Queen of Light, Duende, June 2017

The Statistical Probability of Breaking into Houses While Dreaming, Section 8 Magazine, Summer 2016

Queens of the Judas Tree, The Doctor TJ Eckleburg Review, Summer 2016

Black Feathers, The J.J. Outré Review, April 2016

Alley Dogs, Two Cities Review, December 2015

610 Vicious Circle: The Pooka Closet, Sinister Grin Press, Summer 2015

From the Journals of Hehnir Aji, Far Off Places, June 2015

Dark Jack’s Comeback, Disturbed Digest, March 2015

I’m Not Stanislaw, 13Horror, Volume 3, November 2013

Lai-li, Encounters Magazine, August 2013

Red Flags (micro fiction), MicroHorror, August 2013

Gerbie’s Hidden Grave, Spinetinglers, April 2013

Circle of the Stone, Books to Go, August 2012

38 Jars, Dark Moon Digest: Ghosts (anthology), October 2011

Rose, Sex and Murder Magazine, April 2011

The Creek Rope, ParABnormal Digest, March 2011

Le Grand Diablerie, Ghostbreakers: Sinister Sleuths, Rage Machine Books, 2005

Strangebird, Aphelion-webzine, October 2003

Hidden Pine Diner Special, 13 Stories, November 2002

Fire Bath, Frontiers-Waterstones-UK, Winner Vampire Fiction Award, January 2001

Alien Bait,, November 2000

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