Under the Bronze Moon


I am dropping a short note here to let everyone know that my new novel Under the Bronze Moon (Sinister Grin Press) will be available soon.

Here’s a peek at the cover:

About the story:

In Under the Bronze Moon, Professor Harold Miller discovers the otherworldly inspiration for the late writer R.J. Hyatt’s only published novel, The Land of Dust and Honey—a long, dense exploration into an alternate world discovered by a soldier of The Great War and a young girl from a different century. When his publisher tasks him with locating a ‘lost novel’ by Hyatt, the scholar travels to meet Hyatt’s literary estate heir, May Weldon.

There he learns that May wants his assistance in her passing from this world. For his help, Miller is rewarded with a well-guarded treasure and access to the fabled world from which Hyatt drew his inspiration. For a scholar who devoted his adult life to R.J. Hyatt’s work, it is a dream fulfilled. How long the scholar will remember his life-changing experience, after May is gone for good, is something else altogether.

You can pre-order the Kindle version of Under the Bronze Moon and receive it on June 15. The trade paperback will follow shortly thereafter.

Stop by the Sinister Grin Press blog and read all about the cover and Zach McCain who provided the wonderful artwork. You can find out more about Zach by following @zmccain on Twitter.

FREE: Strange Bird: A Novella – 2 Days Only


For two days only, you can download my Kindle book Strange Bird: A Novella for FREE!

That’s right. Free. But only today and tomorrow.

If you do, be kind enough to leave me an honest review at Amazon. If you hate it, tell everyone why. If you love it, do the same. If you feel “meh” about my story, let other readers know that too.

So, go get your free copy of Strange Bird: A Novella today!


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