Pending New Release: The Last Days of Iggy Scanlon

This coming month in June pre-orders will be available for The Last Days of Iggy Scanlon from Between the Lines Publishing, a prequel of sorts to Rejoice for the Dead.

The story in The Last Days of Iggy Scanlon chronicles the bicentennial summer for young Bobby O’Malley in the Fairview section of Camden, NJ as a tragic event marks the end of childhood innocence for Bobby and his close friends. Here’s a brief excerpt:

And a glimpse of the cover from Between the Lines Publishing:

More news later…

Some Thoughts on My New Book The People’s Republic of New Arkaim

The People’s Republic of New Arkaim is my latest effort, a sci-fi dark comedy about aging, blind patriotism, cults, government overreach, love, politics, and technology. Did I also mention paranoia? It’s there too.

Here’s the short pitch:

For a long time I’ve been plagued by dreams of ending up back in the army. As a veteran, I know I’m not alone. This novel came to life, in part, because of it. Nostalgia can be a nasty bit of business concerning days in uniform.

The People’s Republic of New Arkaim I published under Red Grit Books (named for two of my father’s favorites: True Grit, the novel by Charles Portis and Leon Redbone, of all people). I have an idea about starting a tiny press in the future with which I might publish other indie authors who pen dark comedy and satire. It’s too early to tell about that.

More news later…

The People’s Republic of New Arkaim is available at Amazon and other online retailers.

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