30/30 Project Tupelo Press Day 3

Here is today’s poem at the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project. Be sure to visit and donate today. Small non-profit presses like this one struggle to stay afloat in this ever-changing world of mergers, acquisitions, and consumption. When you donate you are not only helping Tupelo Press but its authors as well. And be sure to include an email address in the donation form along with a poet’s name (mine or any of my esteemed fellow poets) in the space marked “in honor of.” That way we can email you a note of thanks and arrange to send you some free goodies!

Tomorrow, I will be posting  a cut-up poem with words and phrases taken from the Declaration of Independence in honor of July 4th.

Please visit the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project and donate. Enjoy today’s poem.



30/30 Project at Tupelo Press

It is Day 1 of the Tupelo Press 30/30 Project for July. Eight poets and me will be posting a poem a day every day. Please visit the page here:


If you like what you read and want to donate and help Tupelo Press you will find a link on the page. And by all means leave a comment when you check out the 30/30 Project.

Thanks. And please support small and independent presses.

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